Stripe on Android in 9 simple steps (Client-Side)

This tutorial helps to integrate Stripe payment into your app with the following features:

Accepts credit cards and other payment methods

Saves and displays cards for reuse

Launches full-screen activities to collect payment details

Allows your customer to choose Google Pay as a payment method

based on

First, add Stripe SDK to dependencies of build.gradle (App):

Then configure your Publishable Key to the Stripe SDK by adding to the Application class:

Then you need to get the customer’s ephemeral key from your backend. In case you are using Retrofit with Gson converter factory, you need to add the following endpoint to your retrofit client interface:

Then create a provider class for Ephemeral Key:

In case you don't use Retrofit, take a look on

add customer’s session to payment fragment:

First, create the payment session config as a method in PaymentFragment:

Next, configure the payment session listener:

Then, start the payment session in PaymentFragment:

Finally, add payment session handler:

Bring stripeAccountId andclientSecret from the backend in order to start the payment.

for adding payment method you just need to call the following code:

By calling this it goes to PaymentMethodsActivity


Add a pay button to call pay method:

stripeAccountId andclientSecret are coming from the backend!

Finally, add payment listener to onActivityResult:

Hooray, it is done! Clap it and share your opinions. :)

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